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Odessa Ukraine

Odessa city is the administrative center of Odessa region with its over 1 mln. inhabitants population, important industrial, trading and resort complex of Ukraine. The city is situated on the north-western seashore of the Black Sea. 

Pictures of Odessa

Moderately continental and comparatively dry climate with a short mild winter and long hot summer (> 290 sunny days in the year) make Odessa in Ukraine the largest resort on the coast of The Black Sea. A mild climate, plenty of beaches, and the Black Sea attract thousands of tourists to Odessa Ukraine throughout the year, earning it the title of "Southern Palmyra."

Sights of Odessa

 Odessa Opera and Ballet House, Deribasovskaya Str., monument to Duke Richelieu, The Potemkin Steps, Primorskiy Boulevard. Odessa Museums. Beaches of Odessa: Arcadia, Otrada and more...  

Maps of Odessa

Odessa city is one of the largest cities of Ukraine, the population of which is over 1 mln. people. The city of Odessa consists of 6 Districts. Here are the maps of the most popular districts of Odessa: Odessa city center and Arcadia. We recommend printing these maps and take with you to Odessa 

Night Clubs of Odessa

Night Club Vyhod (Exit), Ibiza, Itaka, Cosmo, Plazma, Nirvana, Forsage, Hali-Gali, Sheremetyevo, Captain Morgan, Palladium, Praetoria, Vis-A-Vis, X-club, Akapulko, Assol, Domino, Klubnichka, Kokon, Moloko (Milk) and more... 

Odessa Reastaurants

The list of elite Odessa restaurants: Khutorok, Kumanets, Ukrayinska Lasunka, Balalayka, Aliye Parusa, EIissar, Greenwich, Houdini, Steakhouse, Valdai, Lovchiy, Red Lobster, Boulevard, Friends and Beer, Casanova, Phoenix, China Wall, Govinda, Shal Imar, Yokohama, Otrada's Casa d'ltalia, Londonsky, Seven Samurai. 

Internet Clubs / Cafes in Odessa Ukraine

Locations: Gavannaya street, Preobrazenskaya Street, Sadovaya Street, Rishelyevskaya Street, Pastera Street, Nekrasova Lane, Kanatnaya Street, Malaya Arnautskaya Street, Torgovaya Street, Zhukovskogo Street, Deribasovslaya Street, Tiraspolskaya Street, Novoselskogo street 

Odessa Ukraine Calling Code

How to call to Odessa in Ukraine. How to call from Ukraine. To call to another city in Ukraine. To call abroad. Ukrainian phone price-rates.

Foreign Embassies & Consulates to Odessa Ukraine

General Consulate of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania (Rumania), Georgia, Italy, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Latvia, Russia, Poland, China, Pakistan, Germany in Odessa. 

Theatres of Odessa

Odessa State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Odessa Music Comedy Theatre. Odessa Regional Russian Drama Theatre named after Ivanov. Odessa Regional Concert Hall. Odessa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after Vasilko. 

Museums of Odessa

Odessa Archeological Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Literature, Museum of Partisan Glory, Western and Oriental Arts Museum  

Saunas of Odessa, Ukraine

The best saunas in Odessa Ukraine: Secret of the East, Palladium, Marrion, Olympia, Duke baths, Sovinion, Aqua Paradise, Finnish Sauna.

International Exhibitions in Odessa

Odessa Home. Furniture and Interior Odessa. Stone expo Ukraine. Creation. Foodtech Odessa. Tare and Packing. Buildtech Odessa. Foodexpo Ukraine. Bathroom Odessa. Kitchen Odessa. Luxury Life

About Ukraine

The Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. The largest cities are Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa (1.200.000), Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Nickolayev. Urban population is 66%. The largest denomination is Orthodox Christianity. Main resorts: Odessa, Crimea. National language is Ukrainian.

History of Odessa in Ukraine 

A colony from ancient Greece. Catherine the Great founded Odessa in 1794. Don Josef de Ribas. The Duke de Richelieu to be the mayor of Odessa. 

Ukraine Travel Advice and Visa Information

Visits of Ukraine are mostly trouble-free. We extremely recommend that you obtain travel and medical insurance before traveling. Alcohol and tobacco are very cheap. Citizens of the European Union countries, the USA, Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, Canada, Japan, Russia and Moldova do not need visas to enter Ukraine for short term.  

Odessa hotels

Arcadia Plaza, Palace Del Mar, Otrada, Continental, Frapolli, Londonskaya, Mozart, Yunost, Palladium, Black Sea Hotel, Passage Hotel, Zirka. Hotels in Odessa Ukraine

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